Is Lean Six Sigma Certification any good?

Lean Six Sigma
How can Lean Six Sigma benefit you...

The most pertinent of questions atleast when we start out our careers is whether some knowledge can benefit me and my career path in the short/long run or both !!? So with this let’s explore the answer to this question via some very precise answers …, and also learn how ProSigma can help you with Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Lets First Understand what is LEAN

In simple terms, in the “Lean” philosophy, the goal is to provide the greatest amount of value to your customers while utilizing the least amount of your resources by reducing wasteful practices in any process as much as possible. Many of the Lean tools and techniques in use today were initially developed and popularized by Toyota.

Now, Let’s Understand SIX SIGMA in brief:

In simple terms, Six Sigma is a data driven process improvement methodology which aims to reduce variations (defects) in processes to provide an increase in customer satisfaction, quality and your profits. Six Sigma works for you whether you are a service provider or a products manufacturer. Motorola was the company which coined the term “Six Sigma”; two other early adopters of Six Sigma were GE and Honeywell. Learn practical and proven problem solving business excellence practices when you decide to go for Six Sigma Certifications.

This now brings us to LEAN SIX SIGMA, a methodology where Lean and Six Sigma join forces:

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology which integrates Lean and Six Sigma to achieve business excellence for organizations, and it does so with considerable finesse when in hands of experts like ProSigma. For individuals the right certification can help take careers to the next level.

The Career Boost and Opportunities in Lean Six Sigma:

Your CV is a lot likely to get selected today across a wide gamut of industries (verticals, domains) when you have the right certification and knowledge. With ProSigma’s Lean Six Sigma Certifications you can take a step in the right direction and give yourself a competency/career boost for very reasonable pricing and excellent content and delivery. Checkout the below section which discusses Lean Six Sigma by Industry/Vertical type or contact us to know more if you are still not sure.


An amazing number of opportunities are available to six sigma certified individuals whether in India or across the globe. In terms of salary, according to Glassdoor and other surveys in USA, individuals with Six Sigma Green Belt certification can expect an yearly salary of up-to $98,000. Whereas, gives Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals an yearly range between $96,500 and $118,700. The best part is that the opportunities for Lean Six Sigma certified professionals are abundant when it comes to India as well and across industry types.
Now let’s talk about ProSigma Certifications:
Our Lean Six Sigma Certification is Globally Valid, Given for Lifetime and Can be Verified Online by any Employer, We Exceed IASSC standards and hence we need no extra accreditation. However, we offer full support to any of our student who wishes to go for ASQ or IASSC exams. We also provide Capstone projects and multiple software learning packages and practicals unlike any of our competition, and our overall packages are designed to be highly interactive, competency enhancing and cost effective.
Last but not the least, let’s know the Lean Six Sigma Training Levels covered by ProSigma:

Whether you are a beginner with no knowledge of Lean Six Sigma or you already have a certification or knowledge on the subject and are looking for an upgrade to your skill-set, we have something in store for you either way. ProSigma offers all levels of Lean Six Sigma certifications from Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt all the way up to Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Our Certifications are Best in India and customizable for corporate training batches.


Also refer to the section here, which talks about what all industry types can benefit from Lean Six Sigma …

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