Lean Six Sigma’s future and does it help with Business Intelligence ?

Lean Six Sigma’s future and does it help with Business Intelligence ?

A Different type of blog today based on questions i get from my students and associates alike …

So what really is the future of Lean Six Sigma !?? and can it help us with newer career options like analytics, business intelligence etc., is it a relevant career option to invest in ? is the future of lean six sigma professionals secure ?

This is a common question i get from my friends and students at our Lean Six Sigma Workshops or meetings…,

Many of these guys are very serious about six sigma and having invested their careers already as Green Belts or Black Belts and thus this question is obvious, the apprehensions being new formats such as Agile which have come up and especially in IT space have started to usurp existing standards like CMMi and ISO etc. quite rapidly ,,, and newer fields like business intelligence, big data analytics, are opening up which may not need our current skills !?

So Why the apprehension ? I tell them that anything that stops to evolve does face a problem, but Lean Six Sigma is still evolving and at a rapid pace, it is also being used in more industry verticals than a decade back as it now encapsulates and gathers more and more best practices from other process quality methodologies, after-all It wasn’t till very long ago that Lean and Six Sigma were practiced separately, and now they are practically in a long happy relationship and a new synergy exists to better understand Quality and data …. and that’s the main point i am making here,, Quality is something that you cannot keep out of focus if you want your organization to grow and increase in customer base or profits,, and data has always been at the core of six sigma, it is a data driven methodology after all. It’s just that now data presentation is coming into more sharper focus for the management gurus as newer tools have emerged that can present big-data into ready to use info by the management, and designing good BI systems still requires best practices learnt from six sigma and its data collection strategies to make efficient systems, Lean knowhow also helps cut down on wasteful implementation practices for setting up BI. Good Process understanding/mapping is still a must and how data aligns with business goals has always been core to DMAIC projects …,

The statistical principles remain same, its just that in this digital age the sheer volume of data has increased to the next quantum level, and in the industry its no longer the case that data is collected for some specific project being run as a DMAIC cycle of six sigma but its available for a much wider gamut of business activities than ever before, we only need to welcome such a data rich environment as lean six sigma professionals. The next generation of lean six sigma professionals must also be ready to learn software such as Tableau or platforms/frameworks like Hadoop, as a matter of fact being an IT and Quality professional i can only say that education is a continuing process, and it is not difficult to build if you have a good base, in this case if you understand the basics of business and data, then you can step into newer lines of career like BI with ease.

Also remember that Managements everywhere are keen on numbers but are even more keen on “results and numbers combined”, so any methodology that has benefited any number of businesses, is based on Result Orientation, Lean Fundamentals, Numerical logic and predictive analysis based on solid statistical underpinnings is always going to be around, no one and absolutely no one needs to worry when it comes to gaining real knowledge so long as you are not interested in just a certificate you have nothing to worry about

My humble advice is also for anyone who is keen on understanding multiple quality systems and approaches to data analysis or presentation, and how these work together at a strategic level should consider ProSigma’s workshop for Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification (lean six sigma green belt level and below are available worldwide as online programs) to understand how much this system has already evolved and where it is going in future. If you are a newbie to the field of Quality or just interested in knowing about lean six sigma (at an intro level) you can try out ProSigma’s Free Online Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification to know what is the topic being discussed in here.

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