The 3M Lean Tool: Toyota’s Short Lean Mantra

3M Lean Tool in a Nutshell

The 3M method of TPS (Toyota Production System) is called so because of the three Japanese words used by Toyota to describe 3 unwanted types of elements from their production floor. These are…

  • Muda: Means “Waste” and, as we already saw this is the different types of wastes, several lean tools exist which we will study further, that seek to eliminate “muda”.
  • Muri: Means “overburden” and this can easily be a consequence of muda as well in addition to being present otherwise. A continuous exposure to this state will inevitably result in breakdowns or simply absenteeism in equipment and people respectively. Muri can also result in decreased quality as well as decrease in safety of both machine and man, hence the right balance needs to be maintained in order to eliminate muri conditions at a workplace.
  • Mura: Means “unevenness” it can refer to unevenness in workloads of individuals or production stage performances, difference in cycle times of different stages resulting in non-synchronous work-flows etc. Mura can also result from uneven/fluctuating customer demands or issues with supply-chains etc. Hence, this aspect called mura needs to be kept in mind while designing or optimizing process-flows as well, else even this leads to muda 🙂

3M Lean : Toyota's Shortest Lean Mantra

3M of Lean

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