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Please refer this section on our Certification Programs page for this info with details on the prerequisites and general information for each of the levels, if you have already done so but you need more guidance, then you can simply contact us here for the same.

Our ProSigma certification is globally valid and given for lifetime. ProSigma Standards are better than any competition in India and were primarily designed in accordance with IASSC guidelines, but we ended up exceeding these by adding Capstone projects and a variety of offline exercises.

There is no waiting period for Certificate, its online link is shared automatically and instantly by the website system, subject to you clearing the exam 🙂 and the capstone project.

Please refer this section on our Certification Programs page for this info with details on the prerequisites and general information for each of the levels, if you have already done so but you need more guidance, then you can simply contact us here for the same.

In two Words “Most Certainly”; ProSigma training is not only about classroom study, but the programs are designed as highly interactive workshops which will instill the knowledge in students by making them apply their learning at the workshop floor in creative manners. We also provide enough support with the capstone project, offer mock exams, follow-up with support sessions, and we also continually refine our programs and workshops to make sure we are able to impart the latest curriculum and teach you enough to face any exam with confidence, whether IASSC, ASQ or ProSigma (Integrated with programs).

To add to the above, at ProSigma we use Bloom’s taxonomy to design all programs along with over 21 years of “REAL” industry experience of our lead trainer (and founder) in the field of quality, in various domains and using multiple standards with both IT and ITES industry’s top names and their fortune 1000 clientèle.

A most resounding YES, the whole point of creating ProSigma began with this idea kept in sharp focus. As our programs were designed based on Bloom’s taxonomy, we make every effort to instill creativity and applied knowledge, as opposed to mere remembering and simple comprehension of topics. We believe in creating best Lean Six Sigma Professionals who can be our ambassadors to the quality industry and quality champions in their respective organizations who help their organizations to gain the edge needed to outperform their competition.

We also customize our content depending on Industry Verticals for our corporate training batches while retaining our delivery philosophy, what this means for our clients is that they gain a lot of best practices from their industry type to not only quickly relate with study but apply the knowledge better and be more productive after our certification.

Once you choose to go with ProSigma you will never look back. The Core value of ProSigma is to get you much more than just a certificate, we offer real Competency that matters.

Typically 09:00 am till 6:00pm, these are full day sessions, but rest assured you will be engaged enough to not notice the time. The session venues are chosen to be relaxing and are typically at 4 star locations (or upmarket 3 star locations) with excellent Lunch and Tea options included in the program cost.

You will need your Laptops on all training days, as we include Minitab, Flowchart Tools and Mind-Mapping software as well as Excel for basic stats during our sessions. We will provide ample training material, pads/pens etc. during the workshops.

No we don’t do that, but we will help with the setup/installation of freely downloadable “30 days trial versions” of software required for our programs from the respective software companies (their websites). However, we do provide a good deal of case-study data corresponding to each level of program, and we also provide capstone projects for each program, in addition to industry leading training material by ProSigma, so you will have enough practice with these software packages.

Yes we do, for any 2 or more registrations done we provide an excellent proportional discount. Also since we run corporate training sessions you can expect even better discounts for these batches.

If you cancel 7 days prior to a program, then there is no cancellation charge, but we will only offer refund of the original sum paid for the program and in no case any kind of interest on the original amount. You can also choose to postpone and go for a later/different program for no charge, please email/call us and we will do our best. Exact information regarding cancellation etc. is made available with the invoice.

Yes we focus on Lean as well as statistical concepts from Six Sigma, as a matter of fact our programs clearly offer more LEAN learning than any other competitor in the Indian market and this is one of the few programs which truly understands and appreciates the role of Lean along with the Six Sigma approach. We expect all our students to truly master the twin pronged approach to process excellence that is Lean Six Sigma.

Short Answer: “Yes”…, though our training materials are original works created by our founder, and are well calibrated for each level so these suffice for the corresponding levels; however still, as a matter of fact you will soon be able to buy our Expert Level Titles (Master Black Belt Level) from this website as well as Amazon Kindle. We have chosen to provide these titles as a clear and comprehensive reference to anyone and everyone interest in going for self-study or daily (in-depth) reference books for master/expert levels. Please check this page for updates on our books.

We operate from and offer programs in and around our base city Delhi (NCR) for Offline Programs / Workshops, but we offer our corporate programs in any city in India/World where it is feasible to do so as per the program parameters. Our online programs can be joined by anyone with a high speed internet (capable of supporting video conferencing) from any location.

However, we are coming soon (next few months) to Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata also with our offline workshops.

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