Privacy Policy

ProSigma is serious about your privacy

Privacy Policy

At ProSigma we are serious about your protecting your privacy, here are the three tenets of our privacy policy in simple terms...,

In short, we never sell/share/tell your details to anyone or forward to any 3rd party, except when truly needed, for example when you purchase our services, details are needed to be shared with payment gateway or when you order a book from us, as we will then need to share your address details with some 3rd party courier for shipment purpose.

From a security point of view any data you provide to us via our website is secured via SSL (industry standard digitally validated secure connection) which is why you will notice the lock sign on your browser’s address bar (on the left hand side) when you browse our website, another way to partially verify this is by looking at the front of our address, notice “https://” instead of “http://”.

We will use the info shared by you to get in touch with you regarding the reasons you contact us for. Also, your email address will receive mails related to the program you enroll for…, we send very few promo emails (typically once a month) and these have an easy facility to unsubscribe.

Anything else you looking for ...

Please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to answer your queries.