5S Lean Tool: Simplicity at its best

5S Lean Tool Explained

5S in Lean

5S is actually a lean tool that originated in Japan’s highly
organized manufacturing plants where it was seen that if each production stage
follows the 5S principle the production will be much faster and less prone to
stoppages and wastes.

The term “5S” comes from five Japanese words:

Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke

In English also these get translated very nicely as 5S too 🙂 Now let’s briefly go over what each stage entails:

  1. Sort: Clearly sort out items by their order of need. Frequently needed to say rarely needed in 3-4 broad categories as required. This also achieves the following:
    • Better visibility of tools
    • Reduces unwanted items at the workplace.
    • Increases useful work-area.
    • Simplifies safety audits, inspections etc.
  1. Set in Order: Properly arrange accessibility of items, frequently needed items should be very easily accessible, less frequent ones in appropriate easy to reach area as well, and rarely or unneeded items placed away appropriately so that they don’t hinder work efficiency. This step also achieves the following:
    • Increase efficiency
    • Smoother workflow
    • Increased safety at workplace
  1. Shine: Keep the work area, tools etc., clean and easy to work at. This ensures the following:
    • Neat and clean, pleasing/appealing work place.
    • Again, increased safety due to well-maintained tools and workplace.
    • Inspection by unfamiliar personnel can be easier and any problems can be detected easily as well.
  1. Standardize: Maintain similar standards throughout the organization to achieve the first 3 steps in a homogeneous manner. This ensures the following:
    • Homogeneity in processes, workflows and workspaces.
    • Adherence to compliance requirements gets simplified.
    • More responsible workforce.
  1. Sustain: Ensure that rigor and commitment to sustain the above mentioned practices, without being told as well. This also ensures the following:
    • Commitment to work increases, as well as higher morale and sense of higher standards pride in the workforce.
    • A culture of Lean and approach to smarter working practices is boosted.

The 5S Lean Tool in a nutshell

5S Lean Tool by www.prosigmaindia.com

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