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Our Unique SPARTANTM Process

Our SPARTANTM Process is designed for Organizational Engagement and Enterprise Level Change Management, we use this method in conjunction with the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology to create measurable improvements for our clientèle at both strategic and tactical time frames and levels.

In short SPARTANTM is a Business Excellence Methodology designed to benefit you by increasing your profit margins, increasing employee engagement, improve customer satisfaction and above all create an atmosphere and a urge for Business Excellence in your Organization.

Sponsor: This is the first step in our engagement model to affect an Organizational change, we cannot emphasize enough the need of an Active and willing sponsorship amongst the Senior Management. We also review existing client processes during this phase. This is what creates the right atmosphere for change. If the client processes are not very mature, we prefer to create a twin-pronged strategy to provide very light industry specific process guidelines/templates where none exist to get to a working QMS (Quality Management System) in parallel to mapping the processes.

Prioritize: The need to achieve quick wins to create momentum and business impact early on furthers our action plan like nothing can, we detail out some more action planning at this step. We also form a High Level Process group at this stage, who will help track issues and remove impediments from our projects, and help prioritize our Process Improvement Roadmap.

Agree: No job is complete without the buy in from middle management, and this happens with precise communication, its in this phase that we get the whole organization in an “Agree” mode with the action plan/strategy. We enlist further people in our Process Group as required by different projects, people who will champion our cause and add value to our plan.

Rollout: Rollout phase of SPARTAN refers to creating different concrete improvement projects (we prefer to use partial or full phase DMAIC projects in some form here) to give action to our plan items.

Track: This phase occurs in parallel to the other phases where every plan is tracked at the two levels of process groups we created earlier.

Align: As we complete the DMAIC projects we support the control phase of DMAIC projects and help align/focus results of the change management efforts and DMAIC projects with rest of the organization. Think of this as an extended handholding period, where we make sure process change gets institutionalized and sticks with the teams as a newer approach of work throughout the organization, in essence the complete organization is aligned properly.

Numbers: We let the numbers and metrics speak in this phase and showcase our improvements, as well as analyze these at a Org Level to make any course corrections.

Corporate Programs

As for corporate trainings, we do them all across India and rest of the world as required/feasible, we can and do customize content, but we keep the same proven ProSigma workshop and delivery model everywhere with our Industry Leading Training Material as a standardized base.

We strive to go beyond the regular Lean Six Sigma corporate Trainings and bring you the best of Global Standards; We are versed in multiple quality standards and best practices, and we share these with a professional and passionate execution, in a delivery model that integrates the best of the best business excellence practices into easy to grasp cohesive training modules.

To top it all up, the custom content for our corporate batches is designed to be as industry specific (rather vertical specific) as possible, to enable quick competency boost for our client organizations.

Let’s do some awesome things, together.

Tell us about your requirements …, and we will make sure that quality, agility and success become your second nature.

A Few Client Testimonials

Lean Six Sigma knowledge has made a difference to our dairy products business, numbers are now an important part of our management style.
A Leading Dairy Producer - Delhi
Lean Six Sigma had an instant impact on they way we organize ourselves..., thanks ProSigma.

A Leading Architect Firm - India
We have learnt a lot from some very effective uses of simple Lean methods in our day to day operations...

Auto parts sales agency - Delhi