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Unlike others, Our Lead Instructor has real Industry Experience (20+ years in Top IT and ITES companies with Fortune 1000 clientèle). When it comes to quality programs, practical insights, and not just teaching experience and theoretical knowledge matter. All our Intermediate and advanced programs are facilitated 100% by our Lead Trainer personally, no inexperienced faculty or corporate trainers/coaches hired from elsewhere.

Learn multiple Software packages

Learn the following as part of our programs as a standard, at no extra cost or offline time:

Minitab (Industry Leading Stats Software)
Mind-mapping (Problem Solving Software)
Flow-Chart Packages (Leading Process Design Software used)
Basic Stats using Excel (Reinforce Basics and Learn formulas easily using Excel)

(Minitab and Excel are Trademarks of Minitab inc., and Microsoft respectively)

Unmatched Training Delivery

We have spent upwards of an year refining our training programs making sure they are inline with the Industry standards, and yet our teaching mechanism conforms to the highest level of Bloom's Taxonomy* enabling students to get creative with knowledge in Highly Interactive Workshops.
*Bloom's Taxonomy is used as a framework to design workshop's in the west, level's range from remembering (basic) to creativity (highest)

ProSigma Varsity Advantages

We let our students stay focused on learning while we manage the details. At ProSigma you will experience professional touch/detail in everything from our quick and efficient registration, 100% online assignments, exams and certificates display systems. We don't make you wait for days on end to receive certificates, these get processed the same instant as you complete the programs via our online system. Our training material is Industry Leading and our workshop venues* comfortable 4 star hotels, or high end 3 star hotels.
(* applicable for our offline courses, Lunch and Tea are included as a standard)

Our Lean Six Sigma Programs

Check out our Lean Six Sigma Training Programs at a glance here. Check details to help decide what is best for you, or simply call us for a free guidance session…

Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt


  • Free Intro level of certification offered (and has no prerequisites to join)
  • Introduces Lean Six Sigma framework, and offers insight into some basic lean tools and six sigma basics to the students
  • Actively participate in Lean Six Sigma projects and continue to learn more with guidance
  • Easy certification process (open book exam, but still with time limitations)
  • Approx. 8 hrs. of purely online training; learn at your own pace from ProSigma’s Online course repository upon registration
  • Receive ProSigma’s Certificate of Completion the instant you clear the exam/quiz
  • Online Certification Exam and Online Course Material are Free, but the program has a token fee of Indian Rupees ₹ 200/- to enroll (mostly to keep away spam users from our site, and cover some admin costs)
  • Get an additional discount on Green Belt Program (valid for 30 days) upon clearing the Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


  • The basic level of paid certification on offer (and has no prerequisites to join)
  • Gives you a broad idea of the tools and techniques used in Lean Six Sigma
  • Actively participate and even lead small parts of the Lean Six Sigma projects with guidance
  • Easy certification process (open book exam, but still with time limitations)
  • 2 days of purely online training sessions (day 1: 4 hours, day 2: 5 hours) with less cost and effort
  • 1 hr. of free follow-up online session on day 2 to clear up queries, exercise work before the exam
  • This Instructor-Led learning program is better than self-paced sessions as you get to clarify your doubts instantly

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


  • Our intermediate level Lean Six Sigma certification on offer (no prerequisites, but yellow belt recommended)
  • Scope of topics covered extends to full project life cycle (DMAIC)
  • Certified students will be able to lead smaller projects on their own with support from black belts
  • Available as offline workshop or state of the art virtual classroom (with less than 10 online students at a time), so as to provide better support and attention to students
  • This is a closed book exam as per IASSC guidelines
  • At ProSigma we are passionate about quality, and we exceed IASSC requirements for our certifications
  • 3 days of offline training sessions at the workshop venue (8 hrs of study time each day) or 4 days online (approx 4 hrs daily)
  • upto 6 hrs of free followup online sessions (2 hrs each) to clear up queries, capstone project* after the main event
    * The capstone project (optional) included by us simulates live project work and rounds up training

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


  • Simply the best version of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in India, our advanced programs are far ahead of others
  • Prerequisite is Green Belt, unless you are an experienced quality professional with > 5yrs. of experience
  • All topics covered increases to a level where complex projects may be led by our students
  • You will be able to guide green/yellow belts during project execution
  • This is a closed book exam as per IASSC guidelines
  • At ProSigma we are passionate about quality, and we exceed IASSC requirements for our certifications
  • Workshops are spread over 2 consecutive weekends with 6 days of instructor led online or offline training
  • upto 10 hrs of free followup online sessions (2 hrs each) to clear doubts, discuss case studies + capstone projects*
    * There will be 2 capstone projects (1 mandatory) included by us simulating live project work to round up the training

Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


  • A real expert level program, in short and suffice to say, none can match ProSigma in the rigor or creativity on offer
  • Understand hidden Lean mechanics and learn industrial secrets of Master Lean Practitioners
  • Master Strategic Quality and Learn how to engage an enterprise
  • Tactical Excellence Edge: Gain Business excellence insights and learn advanced Project Management concepts
  • Appreciate integrated best practices from multiple models like CMMi, Agile-ScrumMaster and ITIL in addition to LSS
  • Master expert DMAIC topics and stats with formulas explained, become a DOE pro. (LSS Black Belt is a Prerequisite)
  • Gain access to a comprehensive training material in step with current and emerging industry trends
  • We Pride ourselves with our training methods and material (training material runs at 400+ pages for this program)
  • The examination process is closed book with same time controls and number of questions as the Black Belt level
  • Workshops are spread over 2 consecutive weekends with 6 full days of instructor led offline training
  • upto 4 hrs of free followup online sessions (1 hr. each) to clear doubts, discuss case studies + capstone projects*
    * There will be 2 capstone projects included by us simulating live project work to round up the training

More reasons to choose us...

ProSigma Standards are better than any competition in India and were primarily designed in accordance with IASSC guidelines, but we ended up exceeding these by adding Capstone projects and a variety of offline exercises. Our ProSigma certification is globally valid and given for lifetime. 

Our training aims to make our students understand the core mechanics of Lean Six Sigma and make them competent to face real life scenarios with ease. We also customize our content depending on Industry Verticals for our corporate training batches, while retaining our delivery philosophy, what this means for our clients is that they gain a lot of best practices from their industry type to not only quickly relate with study but apply the knowledge better and be more productive after our certification.

We target the highest Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy Standards for most content and not just a text book approach. Students will not just learn, but experience topics, the focus is on achieving creativity with topics. Capstone Projects, Mock Exams and micro-blogging all help in learning reinforcement as well. Also you will learn multiple software packages by actively using them during and after a program, which will give you a lot of confidence to use these for real practical applications.

ProSigma is an ever-growing community of professionals from different industry types, but with the same focus, i.e.; “Quality”, you will stand to gain a lot during our workshops and can expect to link up with other “Lean Six Sigma” enthusiasts. Our students are working in (or join from) some of the best corporate names and you can easily link up with others during sessions.

We are perhaps the only ones who focus on Lean topics as much as it is required, while not neglecting advanced stats topics from Six Sigma either. Our training material is designed to be Trendsetting, containing Latest Knowledge not available on Internet, but only with leading Industrial practitioners. ProSigma is in the game to become a Global Leader, and we have invested upwards of an year just to refine each and every topic of our training material.

Our Lead trainer believes that true learning (creativity with a topic) happens for a student when you make the workshops highly interactive and also when enough follow ups and attention is provided to each student, and this is something for which charging students a separate fee is inappropriate, hence you will find that we include plenty of free online-sessions with all our programs, for instance we provide upto 10 hours of free online sessions after a certification exam per black belt batch!!, this is simply not available anywhere else. If you truly want to learn get yourselves a ProSigma certification.

At ProSigma you will find a professional touch in all aspects of the training program. Our Class Leading Study-Kits are shared on day 1 at the venue (Soft Bound Copies of Training Booklets, Online Exam Kit and Case Studies data) or Integrated BOK (Book Of Knowledge) for online sessions. There is no waiting period for Certificate, it is shared online within an instant of completion of related exercises or capstone project (we provide enough support with the capstone project) and last but not the least you clearing the exam 🙂 (don’t worry we will teach you enough to face any exam with confidence whether IASSC, ASQ or ProSigma). We also choose the best venues for workshops and include lunch and tea as standards with all our offline programs, and we never skimp on the have fun while you work part during our workshops 🙂 join us for the next session and experience ProSigma for yourself.

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