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We enable the Next Level of Quality. Take your organization and careers to the Next Level with ProSigma.

Our Mission

ProSigma’s Mission is to enable Organizations and individuals reach the next level of performance and competency, with a most Professional Approach to Lean Six Sigma Trainings and Quality Consultations.

We know that to enable organizations and individuals reach the next level of competency and performance is by understanding how quality and business are linked together; how customer satisfaction, quality, competency, productivity are key drivers of any organization’s growth.

Our approach is centered around the concept that organizational improvements must be achieved using practical methods, and that the results must be able to demonstrate measurable improvements; further, it is only by enhancing an individual’s competency can all this be achieved in a smooth manner.

Why are we here ?

ProSigma was formed with a passionate aim to make quality a core value for every professional irrespective of the industry or role.

Today we see a clear lack of focus on quality across industries and not many realize that this is caused by the lack of properly skilled manpower with good exposure to quality or proper training. We often come across scenarios where either the consultations being offered by certain organizations are facilitated by individuals with almost no real industry experience, or their approach is of granting a certificate to an individual at the end of some training period, when clearly the individual is not able to handle real life scenarios at the end of training, well not the fault of a student, when the instructors themselves are only versed in theory and come from a teaching only background.

The reason we chose to enter the area of Lean Six Sigma Trainings as we saw a large gap in Global Industry Standards and the training being provided in India. We are here to make a difference, hence we pride ourselves in our Professional Experience and approach.

Our Lead Instructor / Consultant

Kamal Chopra is a seasoned IT-Pro (B.E Software Engineer) with 20 years of professional Experience managing various programs and quality drives for IT as well as IT enabled organizations in Leadership roles. At present he is running his own quality consulting and training organization “ProSigma” which was formed as a result of his passion to strengthen the core-understanding and mechanics of how quality programs must be run so as to achieve the best customer experience and business improvements. He has also authored multiple books on quality and has decided to make available his best work here at ProSigma’s website.

In the past Kamal has worked for some of the best names in the IT Industry such as IBM, NIIT Technologies, HCL Technologies, Cyient (erstwhile: InfoTech Enterprises Limited) etc.; Over the years he has worked with a varied portfolio of quality programs using standards like Lean Six Sigma, Agile Methodologies, CMMi, ISO-9001, ISO-27001, ITIL etc. (to only name a few major ones) and has successfully lead programs for many Fortune 1000 clientele based in USA, Europe and India on behalf of his organizations, across a wide gamut of industrial domains like Aerospace (Databases, Mapping, Sat-Nav systems), Health & Pharma (HIPAA, clinical trials), HR, Multinational Retail etc.

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Lean Six Sigma in a Nutshell

What is Lean Six Sigma ? and how it can help you ...

In simple terms, in the “Lean” philosophy, the goal is to provide the greatest amount of value to your customers while utilizing the least amount of your resources by reducing wasteful practices in any process as much as possible. Many of the Lean tools and techniques in use today were initially developed and popularized by Toyota.

In simple terms, Six Sigma is a data driven process improvement methodology which aims to reduce variations (defects) in processes to provide an increase in customer satisfaction, quality and your profits. Six Sigma works for you whether you are a service provider or a products manufacturer. Motorola was the company which coined the term “Six Sigma”; two other early adopters of Six Sigma were GE and Honeywell.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology which integrates Lean and Six Sigma to achieve business excellence for organizations, and it does so with considerable finesse when in hands of experts like ProSigma. For individuals the right certification can help take careers to the next level.

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