ProSigma's Flagship Book

Our Flagship Book

At ProSigma we believe in sharing our passion and knowledge and making sure we have more professionals with better understanding of quality and Lean Six Sigma in India and the World.

Key Features


Clear and logical flow, thematic of a โ€œstep by step guideโ€ that enables you the reader to come out on top every time with each topic, no matter how hard it seems.

Knowledge is Power

Clear Certification Exams with confidenceโ€, Prepare for your Black Belt / Master Black Belt certification with confidence or use the book as a daily reference thanks to a detailed TOC+Index. Written to be compatible with ASQ, IASSC and ProSigma Standards ๐Ÿ™‚

Tough Made Simple

Clear explanations, practical examples and authoritative adviceโ€ will help build a rock solid foundation for lean six sigma. Even rank beginners will enjoy reading, as most topics assume no prior knowledge of reader

Book Stats

Paperback, 405 pages A4 size, Price in India excluding shipping โ‚น 1000/-

One Stop Solution

Advanced readers will find it easy to rely upon this book as a โ€œone-stop solutionโ€, no more scouring the internet to look up formulas, math/mechanics behind that either, it has all been taken care of :)

Industry Standard

Every Topic is well researched, highly informative, and most importantly โ€œreflects current industry standards/usageโ€ as well as future trends.

Learn Minitab

Learn Minitab, as well as manual formulas. Includes adequate Minitab screenshots in correct sequence.

Workshop Extras

What is not included in this book, but is included in the โ€œProSigmaโ€ training/certification are Capstone Projects, Mock exams/questions, Quizzes and more examples in a highly interactive workshop environment

Get the best Lean Six Sigma
Book of Knowledge

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