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Top Quality Pro and Author with real Industry exp. (20+ yrs. in Top IT and ITES companies like IBM, NIIT, HCL, Cyient; Leading programs for Fortune 1000 clientèle). Benefit from practical insights of a subject matter expert; we don't hire corporate training coaches with teaching only exp., learn how work is done in the top industrial houses.

Global Standards

We have adopted true Global standards, to be honest though we typically exceed IASSC guidelines (which are the most stringent). Our certification is globally valid, issued for lifetime and can be verified online. Our programs are always a step ahead of others as we share best industry practices and never compromise on Learning.

Active Workshops

Participate in the most interactive workshops designed to promote creativity as per Bloom's Taxonomy. We provide you with a total of 6 days offline training and a total learning package of 136 hours (54 hrs. instructor led) this is Unmatched in India by any of our competition. Our workshop venues are comfortable, (handpicked 4 star, or high end 3 star hotels + complimentary Lunch and Tea)

Learn Software

You will learn Minitab by performing actual analysis and work with the software comfortably before the workshop is done 🙂 other software for mind mapping, flow-charting and excel for basic stats will also be in the curriculum for no extra cost. Minitab is an industry leading (virtually a standard) software used by most organizations for their statistical needs.

Best Content

Our training material for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt has industry leading coverage and designed to cover maximum topics (as much as we can effectively cover in the given time frame) to make a real difference in your competency levels.

Best Support

We offer 10 hrs. of post program support free with this program as part of our standard learning package (unmatched industry wide), and you will also find that once you are a ProSigma student, we are always there for you. You will also complete two Capstone projects as part of the program, for which also we will give you all manner of support needed.

Program Registration and Pricing

25000 /- including all taxes
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Course Outline (Contents in Brief)

Understanding Quality, History of Six Sigma, Lean six sigma in a nutshell, Evolution of Lean and Six Sigma. Eliminating waste, Importance of Customer Focus, Importance of Metrics etc covered here.

The Lean Enterprise and Implementing Lean across Organizations: typical roadblocks, challenges and ways to overcome these in practice, Best of the Change Management methodologies. Tools like 7 Wastes in Lean, 3M of Lean, 5S in Lean, Kaizen, Ishikawa Diagram, Poka-Yoke, Push vs. Pull, SMED, TPM, CFM and Kanban intro with many more Lean tools. We also include custom content for our corporate batches making it industry specific as much as possible to enable quick competency boost for our client organizations.

Intro, Methodologies, Advanced Tools, Financial Management Basics, Team Management, Group Dynamics etc.

Breakthrough Equation, integrating Lean with Six Sigma, DMAIC Projects and Roles, Statistical Measures of Central Tendency / Dispersion, Graphical Plots like Pareto Chart, Box Plot etc. Comparing Data Distributions, Normal, Binomial, Poisson in depth, can cover more distributions in Depth as time permits and if required as per any industry specific customization that we do for our corporate training batches.

This phase is covered in detail, Balanced Scorecard, VOC, VOB and COPQ, CTQs etc…., Project Charter, SIPOC, Kano Model, Tools and techniques for Optimizing decision making along with Financial metrics and much more, Flow-charting software taught in this phase.

Phase covered in detail along with Minitab software use, Measurement System Analysis types and accuracy etc., Data Collection Strategies, Process Performance Baselines, Power Transforms and dealing with Non-Normal data etc. and more.

Full Phase coverage, FMEA, Hypothesis Testing Fundamentals, Hypothesis Testing Advanced Topics, Sampling, Common Hypothesis Tests, Chi Square Test, Linear Regression etc. and more.

Complete Phase coverage, Intro, Thinking methodologies and tools for individuals and teams, Mind-Mapping with Software, DOE (Design of Experiments): Intro, when to use which design, Planning and execution best practices, Basic and Advanced designs in depth, DOE Plots like Surface, Contour, Cube etc.

Elements of Control, Control Charts: Fundamentals, Detailed coverage of Variable and Attribute Control Charts, when to use which chart, Advanced control charts: CUSUM, EWMA in depth, Control and Response Plan, Project Closure best practices.

A Variety of exercises, mock exam and quizzes to summarize and reinforce the learning. You will also complete two Capstone projects simulating real work and showcase your newly acquired analytical and creative skills.

Certification Process

– 150 Multiple Choice Questions to be attempted in 4 hrs.

– Closed Book and Proctored Exam.

– ProSigma Certification Exam fee included in the program cost: Yes

– ProSigma Certificate is Globally Valid, Can be verified Online, Issued for Lifetime

– Class leading delivery, content and duration offered only by ProSigma in India

– 54 hrs. Instructor Led training (10 hrs. online) + 10 hrs. self study and exercises + 4 hrs. mock exam + 40 hrs. project work

– Adding 28 hrs. of LSSGB Instructor Led training to the above 108 hrs. for a total of 136 hrs. Class Leading Coverage in India

– Complete capstone projects with full support and facilitation

– On registration a light preparatory module is sent for self study

First Week of the Program:

– Day 1: 8 hrs. interactive workshop, Detailed study kit shared along with our Best in Class Training Material

– Day 2 and 3: 8 hrs. interactive workshop per day with program based learning and software skills.

– Continue self learning with 1 online support session of 2 hrs. before we start with the following week

Second Week of the Program:

– Day 4 and 5: 8 hrs. interactive workshop per day to continue learning, get creative and confident with your new skills

– Day 6: 4 hrs. interactive workshop, day concludes with Certification Exam at the same venue (second half)

– Online Support Sessions continue after the program to clear doubts and facilitate project work

– Certificate Issued typically on the same day (or max. within 24 hrs.) once the capstone projects are completed

– Preparatory module sent once registration process is complete

– Exercise and quiz modules

– Mock exams

– Our Class Leading: ProSigma’s BOK* for LSSBB* (Main Training Material Book)

– Case Study data

*BOK: Book of Knowledge, LSSBB: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

– Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a Prerequisite.

– Join and give your career the edge and competency it deserves with the Best Lean Six Sigma program in India

– Laptop with MS Windows 7 or 10 installed

– Admin access to Windows, to allow the setup of trial version software used in workshop

– Spreadsheet software like MS Excel

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